Cheer Funny 2022
Skeleton Project 2022
2022 headshot
Us Girls Cruisin NyNy 2022
elle gabriel in black
Beach Day
Elle Popular Girl
Bubblegum Girl
Elle G-165 e web
Elle with her print at Scarfone Gallery at Tampa U March 2022 2
Hangin in Nature
ELLE GABRIEL YAA award at xmas 2021 (2)
Chalk Contest 2022
Elle G-105 e web
print chosen as part of ad for scarpone gallery tampa U
Elle G-162 e web
Oil Painting of Carolina tumbling
Elle HOCO HydePark 2
Famous Painting Storyboard
Elle in Green Pony
Abstract and Layering Project 2021
Elle G-73 e web
Elle in Jean
Honeymoon Beach Easter 2022
Elle G-185 e web
Untitled_Artwork (5)
Elle G-10 e web
lexi waiting for game to start
Elle Teen Angst
Plant Girl Storyboard
Skeleton Project 2022
Cute Pony three quarter
Zipper Spider Girl
Elle in Black Mood
Guy in Cafe
Elle G-86 e web
elle big smile
guy in pool
Elle G-144 e web
Untitled_Artwork (13)
Elle G-82 e web
Elle G-42 e web
Elle G-81 e web