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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Personal Profile

acrylics self portrait 2021 2.png


2024 Daughter Zine Internship - Illustrator/Animator

2023 Concepts Art Show Organizer as NAHS VP and show work

2023 Cum Laude Inductee - Berkeley Prep

2023 Scholastic Gold Key Winner - Animation Short

2023 Fashion Club Council

2023 Chosen as Director of Final Project for Film Class

2023  Shorts Film Festival - 5 Films [animation and classic] 

2022/23 NAHS (National Art Honors Society) - Vice President

2022/23 Art Club Council and Creator

2023 National Honors Society Inductee

2022 Young Artist Awards - Outstanding Influencer

2022 Scholastic Gold Key Winner - Print

2022 Chalk Festival - Honorable Mention (1st time doing chalk art)

2022 Asked to Design/Paint Skateboard Half-pipe Solo

2022 Concepts Art Show - 5 pieces shown along with slideshow of work

2022 - 11th grade Honors Award for Art, Berkeley

Animations and Shorts Portfolio

Art/Animation BIO

Artist Statement

An artist, animator, storyteller, filmmaker, actress, singer, creative content maker who wants to move people visually, emotionally and spiritually.

Education & Experience

Feb 2024


Otis College of Art / Design 


CalArts Visual Storytelling


UCLA Digital Filmmaking


Berkeley Prep - Animation II


Berkeley Prep - AP Art


Berkeley Prep - Film


EasyAction Films


Daughter Zine Illustrator/Animator

CalArts Character Design

Awarded Internship with Daughter Zine to conecptualize and create illustrations and animations in digital format for multiple streaming media and print

Freshman year at Otis taking classes in form learning the basic structures and how to easily sketch any form, figure drawing where I am sketching people, honors classes in creative writing, design to learn the concepts of creative design and digital arts working in animation concepts

Worked with EasyAction films as Character Animation Designer and Background Designer on the short VR film 'Gargoyle Doyle' which has already won awards at the Venice Film Festival.

Chosen as Director in Final Project Film "The Crush" chosing scenes, directing class actors, shots and timing. Editor working in Final Cut Pro to edit and tell creative stories with film as Creator, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Film Crew and Story Teller. Work in a variety of story making formats including stop motion, abstract, documentary and traditional. Working on screen play writing and experimental storytelling.

Accepted and attended 2 weeks at UCLA - Digital Filmmaking Summer Institute where I worked on 2 short films. I was awarded Cinemaphotographer and Production Designer and learned more about all the facets of film making and story telling. Created posters, worked with premier pro to edit film and deciding scenes to shoot. 

Senior year where I work with Blender for 3D skills, hone my animation experience into various forms of storytelling including more story boarding, world design, character design, narrative and editing.

Create projects with art from concept to design to form utilizing a variety of formats, materials and digital applications. Building on existing art experience and skills ability to render in most formats, materials and formats.

Accepted and attended the California Institute for the Arts -  Workshop in Visual Storytelling over the summer 2022 to work on my storytelling characters / ideas

Accepted and attended the California Institute for the Arts -  Workshop in Character Design over the summer 2021 to work on my character, world and layout design skills

2021 - 2022

Berkeley Prep - Animation 1

Junior year where I learned all about the basics of animation in Animation I. We covered the history and future of animation and worked with various forms of animation including ToonBoom, pegging, 2D and 3D styles and storyboarding

2021 - 2022

Berkeley Prep - Advanced Art

Junior year I have covered using all kinds of formats, features, and mixed media in my projects. I've discovered I love color. I painted my first oil painting from a photo I took of my friend doing flips to an acrylic skeleton head I painted in the pointillism method. I have been asked to paint live in our Concepts art show this spring and was asked to design and paint a skateboard half pipe to be completed before the end of the school year.

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